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Julia Feliciano, owner of the LefFreight Forwarders became successful in her own chosen field of endeavor
through her own sweat and blood. She finished the program Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Legal Management at the
Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Intramuros Manila campus and is now a successful CEO of the company. at the age of 52, the company is still
running successfully under her care. the business gradually grows in a small amount of time. She primarily focuses on the logistics of the company
to make sure that the business will never go down.

LefFreight Forwarders, a sister company of Feliciano Customs Brokerage, established by Julia Feliciano located exactly at Calvo Bldg.
Escolta Manila. The company was first ran by Victorioso Feliciano, then later on, was handed down to her daughter, Julia Feliciano. it is one of the country's logistics company company that served the Philippines for a long period of time. It offers a wide variety of freight forwarding services such as, land,sea, and air.